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6 Common Freeze-Drying Mistakes

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Buzzing around social media, one can see countless photos of people showing off their freeze-dried food. Taking a closer look, one can’t miss to notice dry freezing mistakes. As you plan to get your meat freeze dryer, here are six mistakes to avoid.

  1. Mixing Foods with Raw Meat

Often, combining uncooked meat with different foods leads to the spread of bacteria such as e coli. Bacteria causes cross food contamination. Freeze-drying hinders bacteria from growing and spreading.

Freezing involves moving water vapor around your freeze-drying compartment resulting in sublimation that cools and freezes food. It’s advisable not to mix vegetables and fruits with raw meat especially if you eat them raw.

  1. Mixing Foods with Different Flavors

Some people claim that homeowners can mix foods with strong flavors in a vacuum chamber. On the contrary, if for instance, you combine bananas and green beans, the bananas end up having a green bean’s flavor. Will you enjoy taking such meals?

  1. Freeze Drying Sugary Foods

Sometimes, it’s hard to adequately freeze dry sugary foods such as jellies and jams. Typically, sugar particles bind to water molecules, preventing them from drying up. Bounded water molecules help in preventing mold and bacterial growth. However, binding lowers food quality.

You can easily freeze dry plain fruit, but fruits such as pineapples require more time to dry.

  1. Drying Foods Rich in Fat

If you attempt to freeze dry butter, it’ll cover interior surface of your freeze dryer. And if you intend to store pre-cooked frozen patties, it’s wise to heat them for a while to remove excess fat before freeze-drying. However, you might notice a heavy coating in your freeze dryer. It may also take a while for the odor to dissipate after scrubbing the dryer.

  1. Freeze Drying Huge Pieces of Meat

Some people have tried freeze drying big chunks of pork and say it changes its taste. It’s challenging drying large pieces of raw meat. Instead, dice, grind or shred meat before storage. You can serve in sauce or soup. Nutritionists recommend drying fresh shrimp. Besides, small meat pieces are ideal for snacks.

  1. Failure to Use a liner

After buying a new meat freeze dryer, it’s necessary to place liners on the pans. Liners help in picking stored food as coatings prevent it from sticking onto the pans. If you choose to warm up, the meat portions are likely to absorb moisture in air.

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