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Bombed Your Last Interview? Three Common Reasons Why

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One of the most grueling parts of the job hunt is the actual interview. Out of hundreds of candidates, hiring managers are interested in you for the position. You believe you have what it takes to master the job, but the pressure’s on as you’ll be scrutinized on your skills and abilities. Not sure what to expect, many job seekers go into an interview unprepared and as a result, they don’t get the position. There are a number of reasons this could happen, but some of the most common reasons and solutions are listed below:

Your Anxiety Got the Best of You

Let’s face it, being interviewed is stressful. Likely everyone gets butterflies in their stomach. However, those feelings usually subside as they begin communicating with managers. If your butterflies, sweaty palms, and racy heartbeat won’t go away it can really hinder your ability to make a good sell on your skills and abilities. You start stuttering, can’t focus, and ultimately come off as socially awkward or recluse.

If you suffering from social and/or general anxiety or are just feeling really anxious before an interview there are a few things you can do to calm those nerves. Taking a vegan cbd supplement at the start of the day is one way. CBD, found in cannabis, has the ability to help the brain produce more serotonin which calms the mind. Other solutions include eating a good breakfast, practicing interview questions and answers, and doing something calming before heading into the interview.

Improper Appearance

Impressions really are everything. Your resume and application gave hiring managers the impression that you were worth talking to further. The second impression will be your appearance. If you show up to an interview improperly dressed or unkempt, you can bet you won’t get a callback.

To wow interviewers it is imperative to dress the part for an interview. This not only means wearing a business suit or corporate attire, but it means making sure that you’re clean, groomed, and intact. From your head to your toes your appearance should reflect your personality while still remaining in lines with what your hiring managers are looking for.

You Haven’t Prepared

Preparation really is key to nailing an interview, but very few job seekers actually do it thoroughly. It’s not enough to have a great smile and a nice outfit on to win over the hiring staff. Showing up without a resume, not understanding company culture or job descriptions, not asking questions, and more can give off the appearance that you really don’t want the job and aren’t organized or prepared enough to handle it.

Interviewers need to separate you from the rest of eligible candidates and one way they do this is by observing your preparedness. You can have a great educational and professional background, but if you’re not prepared it could cost you the job. Being prepared means knowing everything you can about the company, interviewers, and position. It also means possessing the ability to answer questions and respectfully ask questions. Study this job vacancy as if it were an exam you don’t want to fail.

There are a number of reasons otherwise eligible candidates end up getting passed over for a position, however, preparedness, appearance, and anxiety are at the top of the list. It is your wit, charm, and professional demeanor that resonates with interviewers and ultimately gets you through the doors of opportunity. If you struggled with any of these during your last interview, use the recommended advice to be ready in the future.