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Home Builder Marketing Basics

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Marketing skills stand between good home sellers and great home sellers. The oldest trick in real estate books is building homes with innovative designs and choosing a good location. However, if buyers know less to nothing about you, how will they find you?

With single-family home sales skyrocketing, better marketing skills are needed. If this means hiring a home builder marketing team, so be it.

Below are simple, actionable tips to get you started

Optimize the Company Website for Search Engine

The internet is the single most consulted information source for home buyers. Granted, your business website needs to be optimized to appear on the first page of search results. This means that, if a home buyer searches a keyword such as “single-family houses” on Google, your company website should appear on the first page. This gives you an edge over sellers on the second or third pages of search results.

SEO, search engine optimization, is a complex process that involves creating engaging content, linking to authority sites, using fast-loading images and videos, being active on social sites, incorporating keywords in content, changing your website layout and much more. You can hire a person as optimizer for more technical SEO tasks such as web design tweaks and carry out other tasks such as content creation.

Leverage the Power of Social Media

Before Google decides whether your business will appear on the first page, they send bots/crawlers/internet robots, to review your site. One of the factors used in ranking businesses is popularity; how many people are talking about your business?
Social media platforms allow you to create a customer base engage with your prospects and know how to better your services. Running an effective social media marketing takes more than creating an account on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You are needed to be there, to take part in conversations and offer relevant information to prospective home buyers.

Your social accounts should be integrated into your business website.

Try Paid Ads

SEO alone might get you, customers. Integrating it with paid campaigns will get you more customers.
For starters, have your business listed on Google Maps. This helps boost your local SEO strategies. If, for instance, you search ‘home builders Denver’, a map appears on the first page of Google with some businesses listed. This is your chance to appear on that part of search results.
Paid ads such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and Bing Ads will place your business in front of millions of prospects as long as you keep paying. Pay-per-click lets you pay only for website visits.

Conclusion – Incorporate Old Tricks Too

The tips above will help you market online
Old tricks in the book will still give you good results. They include:
•    Great house designs and great location
•    Using local listings and local notice boards
•    Asking for testimonials and reviews from clients
•    Copying home builders’ industry experts

Whatever marketing strategy you choose, quality videos and photos are a must-have. Make sure to evaluate your marketing and use data to succeed in marketing.