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Making Your Will – Be Prepared

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It is not easy to make a will even as death is inevitable for everyone. It is important to consider the people that depend on you, your family members, and friends in your will in preparation for time you leave this world. Some solicitors Chester can help you make a will; their offerings are personalised and obligation free and they offer free initial consultation.

Everyone needs a will and not only the elderly. This is because the worst could happen anytime. Anyone who dies without making a will dies “intestate.” For intestate, the government applies some strict rules to dictate the distribution of your assets after you die. However, the people that survive you will not have a choice.

Who is most at risk from unmade wills?

Unmarried partners and those not in a registered civil partnership come to minds first. It is likewise a great love gesture to make plans for your spouse in terms of care if the worst happens to you. It is possible for your partner to lose your shared home if your wishes in a will are not clear. Separated partners or spouses yet to divorce could stand to gain everything if the worst happens. Absence of wills is the main causes of familial dispute, as seen in most courtroom battles today.

Many people do not realise that Partners or Spouses with children, and a modestly priced home wreaks more havoc from an unmade will. For a home worth more than £250,000 and children, it is possible for the Intestacy Rules to say that the family home needs to be sold. It takes the court to hear anyone contesting what the intestacy rules and that is expensive. Absence of will can add to the pain and hardship of the people already in pain from your death.

There have been cases of grandchildren who suffer from the Intestacy Rules. Due to technical exemption of grandchildren dependents within the context of the current Intestacy guidelines, they can frequently come up very shorthanded in the absence of wills.

From our experience, everyone is different and familial situation differs. However, it is constant that the failure to make a will means you are giving up your right to decide what happens to all you have including your good business.

Without regards to your age, make a will today.


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