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Own the Crucial Role of a Scrum Master with this Engaging Course from KnowledgeHut

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The role of a Scrum Master is very important in any team that has adopted the Agile methodology. Think of the Scrum Master as the overseer in the team, ensuring that the team is not straying from the Agile practices and systems, put in place to ensure the desired output. Because the Scrum Master role is so significant, it can be a great career stepping stone for many professionals. The CSM (Certified Scrum Master), credential course by KnowledgeHut, is recommended to anyone who is interested in Agile and this designation in particular.

What is in the Course?

The CSM course is preparing you for the all-important CSM certification exam. The course is a comprehensive coverage of important Scrum fundamentals and core concepts. The duration differs from 14 to 16 hours spread over two days. It commences with lessons on basics like the Agile Manifesto and Scrum Foundations. Later topics would include the many Scrum roles, how they are different from traditional roles, and what impact they have on the latter. Another important duty of a Scrum Master is to manage Scrum meetings. The course will cover the different types of meetings such as the Sprint Planning Meet, the Daily Scrum Meeting, the Sprint Retrospective Meet and others. Your tutor will also touch upon Scrum artifacts like backlogs, burndown charts, increments and others. Scaling Scrum is an advanced topic that will help you implement Scrum in the real-world work environment.

On completion of the course, participants get to attempt the online Certified Scrum Master Exam. This exam is made up of 35 questions, and you will need to get a minimum of 24 correct answers to pass. If you pass this exam, you will be awarded the CSM credential from the Scrum Alliance. KnowledgeHut is a registered education provider or REP of the Scrum Alliance, and the training costs include the test fee.

Benefits of this CSM Certification Course

The main benefit of successfully completing the course is that you will have a credential recognised by top companies across the world. It indicates a very specialised proficiency and will help your career prospects. Along with the CSM credential, you will also receive a temporary membership with the Scrum Alliance which brings you closer to a network of highly regarded talent and resources. You will also gain 14 to 16 PDUs and SEUs, depending on the number of hours your course was for. The knowledge gained here will help you confidently execute your duties as a Scrum Master and keep the Agile strategy of the team in the desired direction.

Why KnowledgeHut?

KnowledgeHut is a globally recognised provider of professional accelerated training programs and courses. It collaborates with the best IT industry associations and has helped thousands achieve universally recognised credentials and skill sets. The CSM training is delegated on a cutting-edge platform and involves top faculty members with industry expertise. Pave your path to success as a Scrum specialist with this interactive and impactful learning experience.