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What are the benefits of an internship program

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The internship program though it is solely carried out to benefit the student, it yields benefits to the university, the student as well as the organization and the members who are working in the organization according to PGP Australia.

The benefits of an internship program for the university

The benefits of the internship program for the university and the department is that :

  1. It helps the university’s department to evaluate the syllabus and course. It helps them to validate how good the course is in the real-world or working environment.
  2. It helps to improve the statistics of post-graduation for the students of the university.
  3. It also helps to increase the corporate fundraising initiatives and programs which the university may run from time to time.
  4. It gives a better learning experience for the student rather than giving the student’s case studies or allowing or teaching the students through lectures; as this involves real-world application.
  5. It increases the credibility of the program and students are able to excel as well as they are able to forge stronger ties with professionals as well as alumni.

Benefits to students

  1. The students learn how to apply different methodologies in the industry.
  2. They also get to see the complete examples of the obstacles that are faced, the challenges they may encounter as well as the benefits which can be experienced.
  3. The graduates are more geared to the current industry, and it gives them a competitive edge as well as makes them more employable.

Benefits to the faculty

  1. It helps the faculty to be connected with what is happening in the market as well as the trends of the industry and the professional field.

Benefits to the organization

  1. Providers benefit as internships give the opportunity to employ and recruit future employees.
  2. They are also able to test the capabilities, skills as well as work ethics of the future employees.
  3. They can then select the right fit for the organization. It helps them to evaluate the person without much risk involved.
  4. It helps the organization as interns are either unpaid or get paid a stipend which is for lesser than an employee. They also receive lesser benefits and so prove to be cost effective.
  5. It helps to free time of the employees who are professionals so that they are able to pursue more projects which are critical or important or require more of focus as the mundane tasks are taken care of by the interns.
  6. It helps the organisation to induct people into the organization who will be ready to start contributing to the organization as soon as possible as they are already well adjusted and know the working of the organization. This helps to decrease the learning curve of the individuals.
  7. It helps to get candidates who can be used for seasonal work or a short term project.
  8. It helps the employees gain new ideas as well as be aware of new technologies, methodologies, and techniques that the students are learning.

 These are the ways various sections benefit.