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What Are the Various Benefits of Corrugated Cardboard Packaging?

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Corrugated cardboard packaging is created out of recycled products and over the years this has become most popular kind of packaging that are used for dispatching many different kinds of products.

Such corrugated cardboard packaging from Netpak offers a number of benefits, and we will discuss briefly about them in this small article.


Corrugated cardboards are considered to be highly sustainable item and therefore it has made a great impact on all kinds of businesses where people prefer to use sustainable item.

Most of this material is obtained by recycling of old materials and other natural items.

These are also eco friendly as very little energy is required to produce them. They can be easily disposed of and can also be reused.


Popularity of these boxes are also due to their cost effectiveness. Cost effectiveness is due to following few reasons:

Its cost of production is very low.

The raw materials used to make them has minimal environmental effect.

Cost of transporting of raw material is also cheaper.

The waste boxes are reusable as raw material.


They are quite light in weight but not fragile. The ridges and air gaps between each wall are in fact an efficient way of creating extra thickness, durability and strength.

The thickness level can be adjusted in order to suit any product that it is going to carry. Hence, corrugated cardboard is most suitable for carrying different ranges of products having various weights.

Ridges also help in creating an extra cushioning layer that protects its contents, while transporting and handling.


These corrugated boxes can be easily customized to suit any product that you are going to ship. That is why it can suit any kind of business.


These corrugated cardboards can easily be used for transporting any kind of products including fragile item like wine bottles, foods, or any other hygienic products.

Preferable for marketing

These boxes can offer very good opportunity to create more eye balls for any product by displaying certain graphics or attractive marketing massages. It is possible to print the logo of the company too so that brand promotion is possible.

Readily available and efficient

These boxes are readily available for following reasons:

Its raw materials are natural item which grow from the trees very quickly and abundantly available

Even the user of these boxes can produce such boxes.


It is very easy and convenient to use these boxes for packing any item.