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Why Should You Buy SBI Health Insurance?

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SBI GIC is a profitable company that boasts of a strong customer base that covers almost all places in India. With its presence in more than 80 cities and aided by almost 1,800 branches, SBI GIC has many insurance products in its portfolio. If you have been looking around for lucrative health insurance benefits at affordable costs then SBI health insurance plans are definitely for you.

Here, we help you know the many perks of purchasing SBI health plans online along with helping you understand the outlay for health insurance investments.

How Much Should You Invest in Health Insurance?

The best SBI health insurance plan is the one that caters to your needs without making you spend a fortune. The investments made by you in the form of regular premiums should be capable of protecting you against critical illness treatment costs along with covering all types of basic medical requirements. The amount to be invested has to be ascertained after analysing your requirements and budgetary constraints.

Assess the coverage benefits beforehand and calculate the expected premium for different SBI health insurance plans by using the online premium calculator tool. The options for cashless treatment or reimbursements have to be considered as well. Always go through the claim settlement procedure prior to buying the health insurance plan.

Perks of Buying SBI Health Insurance

SBI General Health Insurance helps you get access to smart and comprehensive health insurance solutions to take care of your exhaustive insurance needs.

1. Adequate Coverage

You may succumb to unexpected health-related risks at any point of your life. Keeping this in view, SBI health insurance plans offer adequate coverage to keep you stress-free during the recuperation process. They also save you from the trauma caused by different types of illnesses and diseases by offering timely treatment in the best network medical facilities.

2. Tax Exemptions

SBI health insurance confers several tax exemption benefits pertaining to premium payments that are deductible from your taxable income. These tax benefits are provided to you in line with Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of India, 1961. The money thus saved in the form of tax exemptions can be utilized to pay for a sizable component of your health insurance premiums.

3. Cashless Treatment

With an SBI health insurance policy in your hand, you can look forward to getting cashless planned and emergency treatment in more than 3,000 networked hospitals linked with SBI GIC. In case you choose to avail treatment in hospitals or nursing homes that are not under the network umbrella of the Company, it is important that you retain all the medical documents, bills, reports, etc. for facilitating the reimbursement process at a later stage.

4. Wide Range of SBI Health Insurance Plans

SBI offers different types of health insurance plans to take care of the medical treatment needs of different customer segments. There are plans for individual, family, and group segments with diverse coverage benefits. Then, there are health insurance plans that are well-suited for industrial and corporate group segments. As corporate owners need to opt group health policies for their travelling and ground-rooted staff, SBI GIC offers different health insurance plans to help such customer segments procure adequate umbrella policies.

5. Comprehensive and Self-Explanatory SBI Health Insurance Kits

All SBI health insurance policyholders are given a kit that includes policy member cards. These cards have the member identification numbers and policy numbers mentioned on their face for facilitating easy and quick usage. Alongside, the policy kit contains policy documents that clearly mention the inclusions/exclusions, terms and conditions, details of networked medical facilities, list of service providers, toll-free numbers for emergency purposes, and various other details.

6. Cooling Off Period

SBI health insurance provides a cooling period of 15 days during which you may want to read the policy details properly to avoid any confusion or claim reimbursement hassles later on. In case you are not satisfied, you may return the policy document within this cooling period; the policy assigned to you will be deemed cancelled.

7. Various Add-ons

When you buy SBI health insurance online, you can compare and choose from a large enough palette of essential and additional coverage options to make the plan more comprehensive. Besides offering protection for medical emergency conditions or basic hospital expenses, SBI health plans provide cover against pre and post hospitalization expenditure, critical illnesses, ambulance expenses, daily cash expenses, additional hospitalization expenses, etc. They also provide continuous renewal and no claim year benefits to aid your cause.

Way Forward

Visit insurance comparison and aggregator sites like to buy the best SBI health insurance plan online. The entire process is completely transparent, quick, and hassle-free and will help you get the health coverage benefits you need at affordable costs.